Home Exercise Sessions

Hi Phil,


These are the Sessions I've designed for you to do at home. They should take approx 45min to an hour to complete

Like at the gym there are 3 sets of 3 exercises. each set of exercises should be done 3 times before moving on. 

After our normal warm up go through each exercise in order. there are instructional videos for each exercise below. as always if there are any problems please let me know.  

Session 1 is below

Session 2 is at this link


The exercises are:

Set 1:


OH Squat aim for a relaxed 10

SL Squat to couch 5 each leg

Inch Worm 3 forwards 3 backwards

Set 2:


Single Leg Balance - aim for a 10 second hold each leg

Plank Circles - 5 times each side

Hands out Feet Out - 10 total 

Set 3:


Split squat twist 5 each leg

Press ups: Just a normal 10

Squat thrust: aim for 20.