Holly Ben and Daisy Sessions

Week 1 session 3

Session 1: approx 15min. 4 exercises total. 

All the exercises can be done at the same time. All 4 exercises are the same for everyone. 

After our normal warm up go through each exercise in order and do 10 to 20 of them depending on how you all feel. 

Exercise 4 is a challenge so have a few attempts at it each time. 



The exercises are:

Squat thrusts 

Sit up ball throw 

Forwards backwards crawl 

Post it jump challenge: sorry theres no audio on this video. The idea is to take 2 post it notes. kneel down next to a big wall or stand next to an outside wall. reach up as high as you can and put one post it note there. then jump as high as you can from kneeling if inside or standing if outside and slap the other post it against the wall. who ever has the biggest gap between there 2 notes is the winner.  



Videos for all of the exercises are below. 

Exercise 1: squat thrusts



Exercise 2: sit up ball throw 

Exercise 3:forwards backwards crawling

Exercise 4: Post it note challenge