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I initially signed up for a ten-week programme with Richard at Flagship Fitness, but two years down the line I continue to work with him. Why? Because he continues to help me develop and achieve my fitness goals; because I’m stronger, leaner, and fitter than I have been for decades; and he makes working out challenging, rewarding and fun. 


As a middle aged man, starting to feel the years beginning to take their toll - particularly on my back and knees - I was looking for some help in losing weight and building some muscle.  Richard helped me achieve those initial goals.   However, with his sound theoretical knowledge and experience as an elite athlete, he also ensured that I developed the solid foundations of posture, strength, conditioning and flexibility so that I could achieve these goals without injury. He has provided me with the tools and techniques to go it alone, to enable me to put together my own programmes and for me to feel confident in the free weights and functional training areas when I am working out at my own gym.  


Without hesitation, I recommend Flagship Fitness.  An investment in personal training is ultimately an investment in you.  With Flagship Personal Training you are in a safe pair of hands that will deliver results. 


Graham Robinson, Specialist Nurse. 

"As a 40 something who knew he needed to get fitter but didn't have the confidence to walk into a gym, I researched several Personal Trainers. I felt Richard's history as a professional sportsman and years in the industry were important and I am really glad that I backed that judgement.

His easy manner yet extensive knowledge have helped me reach and exceed my initial goals but also made me understand that I need to consider it as being an ongoing lifestyle change.
The sessions are varied and there are dietary and nutritional advice too, along with mini-sessions to complete at home.

I would urge anyone looking for an effective fitness programme, whatever your goals, to contact Richard at Flagship Fitness!."
Dave France, Small Business Owner
"I got Richard's leaflet through my door in the new year. I had been poorly for almost 3 years (2 big ops) I had put on weight, lost my fitness and had no motivation or confidence in the gym I had joined.
I had one free session with Richard - which illustrated I hadn't lost all my fitness. I signed up for 8 sessions initially that concentrated on building up my strength and stamina and my core - which had been obliterated by two ops.
All in all I booked 20 sessions with Richard. I found the whole experience rewarding and Richard very encouraging .
I have lost weight, my body shape has changed and I actually enjoy exercise now. Highly recommended. Thanks Richard
Gill Rice, Team Leader

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